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Nikhil Tadke

Nikhil Tadke Mumbai

""Hare Krishan Mahindra is one of best, if not the best Mahindra Showrooms to visit. I've visited many but when it comes to sheer professionalism I tend to be very particular in every aspect. The problem with many is that they try to SELL right from the point you step in, that exactly what makes Hare Krishan Mahindra different, they ease into the nitty gritty's of the assignment first and then make moves accordingly. What this outstanding approach does is that is not only gets one's attention, a rapport kind of develops between you and the associate dealing with you. Many of them try to work up their Happy Faces too much that even the customer knows they're not really that Happy indeed. But, at Hare Krishan Mahindra the staff truly believe in what they're doing and they do it exceptionally well. The Architectural Design of the Showroom too is done pretty well. It does create a brilliant phantasmagoria in your eyes for a moment about you and your future Mahindra Vehicle. Apart from that I got the chance to meet the owner of this wonderful showroom Mr. Asrani, I could clearly see the passion for new cars in his eyes right away. Now that's a big plus point in my book, because only passionate people get things done with efficiency. Amazing Showroom, Great Staff, Great Service! One phrase only for Hare Krishan Mahindra, ' Job Well Done! ' Thank You! ""

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